Just a few days away…只有多幾天然後到我們廣州專場!

Don’t know how many people are going to be at the show but it doesn’t matter…what matters is whoever DOES show up, shows up ready to fucking explode. Guangzhou has always been very good to us and we’ve been very excited to finally go back and do a PROPER show there…this will be our OWN show…there are some good bands opening for us – so that should be a good night all together! 我們還不清楚將會多少人來看我們廣州的專場 – 但是這也不是最緊要。。。最緊要就是來參加這個演出得人全部就準備好跟我們一起發泄!我們想看一個好大的爆炸。。。廣州永遠是對我們很好 – 好像真的瞭解到我們這個樂隊的歷史和意思。。。我們會好珍惜廣州人對我們的熱情。。。太開心能回來做一個特別的專場!

If any of you are interested to come with us to Guangzhou please let us know ASAP!!! It will be great for you guys to come up and enjoy King Ly Chee in a setting like this…如果你們香港人有興趣跟我們上去請馬上聯絡我們!

It’s been fucking BANE hours on my ipod for the past few weeks…so stoked that they’re coming back!!! So stoked that HK gets to watch a hardcore band again and see what it sounds and feels like…EXCITED!!! 這幾個禮拜不停聽BANE的歌。。。我也要準備自己因為五月二十三號他們將會回來香港演出!太興奮。。。我也太興奮因為香港人可以再有機會聽一聽一隊十分誠意的Hardcore樂隊!!! 太期待看他們的演出!!!



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  1. mitcho April 23, 2012 at 10:30 am #


    My names Mitch. I play in Sacred Love (Youngblood records) from the states. I’ve been in Hong Kong for a few days and I’m here for a few more. I must say I love it here. I have been heavily involved in punk/hardcore for the last 11 years and was wondering about the scene here (if there even was one). The Japanese, south Korean and Indonesian scenes are strong and at times legendary, so naturally I was curious about hong kong. I hope we can meet one day, I wish I could be here for the BANE show. Talk soon man. My email is [email protected], I’m staying in Mongkok.

    • Riz Hardcore April 23, 2012 at 1:41 pm #

      Yo Mitch,

      Welcome to HK! Yeah – there isn’t much in terms of hardcore and punk rock in Hong Kong. There’s a heavy music scene here for sure – but no “punk/hardcore” scene perse. We’re playing up in Guangzhou this Saturday so you should see if you come up for that! That’d be sick! Let me know: sfscratch AT


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