Refused LIVE is…

Fucking amazing…這個樂隊真的太棒。。。

Holy shit…the only thing I can’t stand is the stupid “anti-capitalism” talk that the singer keeps talking about…the only reason I say that is because his main band after Refused (International Noise Conspiracy) was signed to a major label and definitely were not anti-capitalist in any way. 我只不想一個東西 – 就是他們的主唱不停說他反對資本主義的事情。我不喜歡因為Refused解散之後他開始了一個樂隊叫International Noise Conspiracy – 然後這個樂隊給了一個大公司簽。那你怎麼可以反對資本主義如果你這樣的行為完全不是反對的行為?

But there’s no denying how incredible Refused was and is…反正,他們還是一個十分棒的hardcore樂隊。。。希望他們有計劃來亞洲!

Check out this festival t-shirt for the Malaysian music festival that we’re a part of on May 12! Gegey Music Festival has been incredibly supportive to us and we thank them so much! Can’t wait to be there! 我們五月十二號將會參加一個好大馬來西亞的音樂節!這就是他們音樂節的t恤!見到我們的名字放到第一位真的感到好自豪!

Alright…I’m out…


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