Second Combat

Goddam – you guys down in Singapore and Malaysia have taken over our facebook! :-) Here’s a short interview and a glimpse of new music from one of my all-time straight edge hardcore bands – Second Combat! Whether asian or not – they are GREAT…the new music in the background sounds like the best stuff Second Combat has EVER put out!!! (Ein and Arwith – one of those LP’s are mine!!! please keep one for me when we get there in May!!!!) 最近我在我們facebook上載了很多東南亞樂隊的視頻。。。新加坡和馬來西亞真厲害。。。他們對硬核文化的瞭解真深!希望我們中國都能一天到這一天。。。下面就是我最愛的straight edge 硬核樂隊 – 就是馬來西亞的Second Combat. 他們背景的音樂就是他們新專輯的歌!好棒啊!!!!!!!

Song sounds soooo good!!!!


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