Best tribute ever…

Most amazing tribute I’ve heard EVER…Coldplay are just one of those amazing bands with the magical touch. Anything they create and sing tugs at your hearts strings all day…這是一個特感動的敬意。。。Coldplay的所有歌已經好棒。。。但是為了剛去世的Beastie Boys成員 他們有献唱了他們一首非常經典的歌。。。

The end of the song “so we’re sending all our love to the beastie boys”…could easily bring tears to people’s eyes! 他們唱最後一句”so we’re sending all our love to the beastie boys”…真厲害。。。讓我都有些眼淚。。。

My history with the Beastie Boys is long just like most people who were shocked by the news that MCA passed away. I was just a young little kid when I got the Licensed to Ill tape. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing on that tape…all the songs: No Sleep til Brooklyn, Fight for Your Right, Girls, everything…so incredible and I listened to that tape over and over…我跟Beastie Boys的歷史跟很多人一摸一樣。。。我也是很小的時候第一次聽他們第一張專輯Licensed to Ill…還記得見到他們那個封面覺得很好笑 – 因為他們這樣放飛機的意思就是penis 哈哈哈。。。我覺得他們真夠膽! hahahahaha…然後這個專輯的歌全部都很好笑!很多歌的歌詞我還記得。。。

Can’t believe there’ll never be another Beastie Boys show again…I saw them once in Long Island, New York…it was amazing…不相信以後不會再有Beastie Boys的現場。。。我第一次看他們表演就是在New York…很多年前。。。

Listen to that Coldplay version over and over…


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