Core in China Compilation

最近為《Core in China 核在中國》合輯設計了封面。封面下面是70年代的深圳,至於上面是反轉了的末日世界。這合輯有國內20隊不同的樂隊!有興趣聽的朋友可在下面網站下載。我們荔枝王也有一首歌在這合輯!
Just helped to design the cover for “Core in China Compilation”. The bottom of the cover is the city of Shenzhen in its 70s. The top part of the cover is an up-side-down end of world image. Anyway, this compilation contains 20 bands from China. Check it out from the below website. This compilation also features a song from King Ly Chee!


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