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I love Explosions in the Sky…when we were touring China that was what I listened to the most when we were traveling from city to city…beautiful music…here’s a BEAUTIFUL music video for one of their songs 我真的十分愛Explosions in the Sky樂隊!我們中國巡演的時候行程的時候我只是聽他們的音樂。。。非常舒服的聲音。。。這裡有個新MV給大家看。。。很美麗一首歌和MV:


Such a beautiful song…

When I listen to Explosions in the Sky music – I just want to hold my daughter and stare out the window…我聽他們的音樂的時候我只想抱我的BB :-)

Leaving for KL this Friday – arriving at 12:50am Saturday morning! hahaha…it’s going to suck but oh well. 這個禮拜五晚上去馬來西亞。。。但是我們很晚才到馬來西亞。。。

Then Saturday it’s ROCK time! 但是,星期六將會上台跟大家瘋狂!看看馬來西亞的人對我們的熱情是怎麼樣!:-)

We’re playing last after what it seems like a really long day of music…hopefully you guys won’t be tired – give us SOME LOVE!


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