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It’s been a strange few days…and I mean that in regards to everything. 這幾天心裡有些奇怪的感覺。。。對很多東西都有點兒怪感覺。

We had a good show in Guangzhou – but later that night I had some strange thoughts and feelings…I’d like to think that they’ve gotten better but I have no idea what I’m thinking right now. 廣州演出雖然好玩 – 但是我還記得那個晚上差不多兩點鍾左右,我開始有些奇怪感覺。我以為過幾天應該會變正常。。。但是現在還是很奇怪。

Don’t worry – this is a blog and I always try to be as honest as possible on this thing. I think this is one of the things that gets me in the most trouble and has been the biggest flaw of King Ly Chee. That I’m too honest and so tons of people don’t like us (especially don’t like me) for this reason. I was even thinking, what if this band actually did end one day – how many people in Hong Kong would even care? And why would they care? There’s no reason…just because we’ve done stuff to help the heavy music climate in Hong Kong doesn’t really mean much to most people here. 放心 – 在這個日記我通常就是很誠實 – 所以我一有什麼想法我就寫或者說。我覺得我這樣的態度是其他人最不喜歡 – 我還是覺得是因為我是這樣所以十分多人不喜歡我也不喜歡我們的樂隊。我這幾天也想過,如果這個樂隊真的需要一天結束 – 在香港有誰會想我們?肯定沒有或者是十分少人。雖然我們為了Hardcore和重型音樂的發展付出了很多,但是後來 – 都沒有那麼多人喜歡我和我們所以他們也不絕的我們付出的有什麼值得欣賞。我懂了他們的想法。

It’s all about relationships and the connections that you make with people. I think that will be my biggest regret that I didn’t keep some of my thoughts to myself, and instead sacrificed those relationships by being honest about each other’s bands etc…我還覺得我最後悔的應該是有些想法和感覺我應該不說出來。這樣我應該可以保留多點關係。

Whatever…I’m here in this predicament now and in this band I think my bro Joe knows me best and knows that I’ve tried to change as much as possible. Brian has been in the band the next longest (joined in 07) so he also knows that I have changed since those days. I’m SURE he thinks I haven’t changed enough though. But that’s a different story. 反正。。。我是在這個情況。在這個樂隊最瞭解到我就是我兄弟Joe. 他也知道我已經想改自己 – 也改了很多地方。。。Brian是另外一個成員見到那方面有改 – 但是我知道他肯定會說 – 我改的地方還是不夠好。


Then I get an amazing email from this AWESOME organization called Hardcore Help Foundation who is inviting us put a song on their CD sampler that’s coming out at the end of the year. This is a great organization that through hardcore tries to raise money to then help people in need all over the world. Huge bands have worked together with them like Anti-Flag, Biohazard, etc…and they’ve invited us to put a song on their CD. It’s a big deal and I’m really proud that they’ve even heard of us…有這樣的想法的時候 – 人已經好灰。但是突然收到一個很好的email…讓我記得 – 其實,雖然在香港我有很多錯過的東西,但是香港外面還是越來越多人欣賞我們。今天早上一個特牛逼慈善組織叫Hardcore Help Foundation突然發個email給我們邀請我們參加他們年底的組合CD! 他們將會用這個CD raise錢特意出去幫無辜的國家和地方和人。。。他們是一班hardcore得人來開始一個很有意義的組織! 我們十分proud他們有找我們參加他們的活動。。。Hardcore永遠不只是音樂方式。。。hardcore的意思是比音樂深很多。

If you have time – please read about them 希望大家會花一點時間來看他們的網站: http://www.hardcore-help.com their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheHHF

Today I’m going to meet a tattoo artist for my arm! Very excited about that…can’t wait to get it done. I’m a first grade teacher during the day time so I can’t do my entire arm like Joe has, but I will get a half sleeve and I’m excited to see what it’ll look like! The only thing I can say is that it has to do with my Pakistani heritage…今天下班之後我約了一個好棒的紋身師傅談我新紋身。這個紋身將會在我的top arm到。只能跟大家說 – 紋身會尊重我巴基斯坦的背景 :-)

Alright – I’m off…go listen to some amazing LIVE videos of City & Colour 好了 – 要去睡覺。。。希望大家會享受City & Colour的歌:


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  1. Joe May 2, 2012 at 1:09 am #

    Hey Riz bro,

    Guess what when we were on the train on our way back to HK, Brain and I were talking about KLC. What else hahaha… Anyway, it’s good that we all want to do more and more real hardcore shit and getting away from metal influence. You know I feel that playing aggressive music doesn’t have to be just heavy breakdown and etc. You probably get our point. So soon we are gonna write new stuffs and I am sure they will be even better because we still want to push forward, playing meaningful aggressive music!

    We also talked about you changing a lot over the years. Yeah there are always people don’t enjoy what you are talking about but you know what, at the end of the day you don’t have to worry about saying something not represent your heart.

    I tell you something, today I helped someone with some money and I think 95% of people will think I am crazy because I am giving out quite a lot of money to a stranger, but you know what, at that time I thought I need to do that so I just did it. You know, if I end up losing that money, it’s fine I will get them back later. But what if those money can help that person to get through their difficult moment? Actually the guy is from HK and they drove to GZ and were hit by another car, then got robbed and his wife was pull down from those people, so she got hurt and was hospitalized. Basically that guy and his brother didn’t have the money and they had asked so many people, not one single person cared to spend minutes to listen. Anyway, Iong story short, at the end it was actually me offering the money (when they turned away from me after a few tries like getting their HK friend to give money to someone I know in HK so then I can give them the money). Anyway, I will call the guy back and see what’s going on.

    So Riz you just have to do what you think is good for you. However you have friends in us who will always be honest to you too so keep in mind we also want you to be a better person.

    BTW, thanks for comforting me when I had the fight with Mei Yeung. I lost my cool and I was pretty bad to her. We are okay now but still need to work on our relationship.

    Take care,

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