Terror vs. Refused

Don’t know if you’ve heard but yesterday it exploded that Terror’s vocalist called out Refused on stage – saying that they never gave back to hardcore, didn’t check out shows, didn’t check out demos, and are an “empty shell of what they once were”. 不知道你們知道昨天有什麼消息 – 我是說在硬核世界裡。昨天很多網站放了一個視頻 – 視頻是Terror的主唱上台說了一段東西。。。他有罵了那些樂隊,解散了之後不支持硬核,不去看演出,不聽新樂隊的歌,然後說了一段非常生氣的一句 “empty shell of what you once were” – 就是說那些解散了樂隊,然後過了幾年回來了玩兒樂隊 – 但是這次的樂隊完全沒有以前的感覺和力量。


但是 – 說完了之後他有提一個樂隊的名字。。。他說了“我是說Refused!” WHAT?!?!?! 我完全不同意。

I don’t know – I love Terror, but I also love Refused. When I found Refused were getting back together for some shows – I WAS HAPPY! Of course they’re getting paid a LOT of money for these shows – as they should. Any good band should get paid well for it’s art. Is it cheap that they’re getting back together for this money? I don’t give a shit. All the LIVE videos that I’ve seen of their reunion shows, shows that Refused are incredibly happy to be back and are giving EVERYONE a true rock experience at their live shows. I hope Refused comes to Asia! 我非常愛Terror和Refused…兩隊在我心裡是很重要的樂隊。我發現Refused會再演出 – 我挺高興!當然他們會收到很多錢 – 但是是應該的!所有棒的樂隊應該收到錢。。。所以我don’t give a FUCK. 然後我看了他們所有新演出的視頻 – 他們還是特棒!他們上台也見到他們的誠意。。。如果我有機會看他們我會特開心 – 快樂亞洲!

For Scott to say that…it’s just weird. I think everything he said BEFORE he said “Yes – I’m talking about Refused” – was great. Everything he said had to do with making sure you always support this hardcore scene by talking about each other’s bands, and being involved even after your band is finished. 但是對Terror的感覺我覺得很奇怪。。。提了Refused之前說的東西全部是很棒,我相信很多人都有同感。但是說了Refused之後我覺得。。。不知道。我就覺得如果他想罵樂隊 – 有很多更差的樂隊他可以說。Terror有跟那個傻逼樂隊EMMURE巡演過!當時沒有什麼?為什麼?你怎麼比較這兩隊?Emmure就是大便。Refused的音樂是特棒。

But then saying “Refused” – I rolled my eyes first of all. I thought to myself that there are SO MANY bands he could’ve called out – but he called out one of the most influential hardcore bands of the past 2 decades. Terror went on tour with EMMURE! To me that band is the biggest disgrace of this heavy music world we live in.

Anyway…really weird to have seen that and heard that.

Makes you wonder if he didn’t take a second to think about what he was going to say…and just said whatever.

Still – the best representative of hardcore on stage remains Aaron Bedard of BANE. All his positive talk…that’s what hardcore should be about. Of course, there should be anger as well because we all play angry music. We all need a way to release this anger – so saying “fuck XXX” once in awhile is VERY therapeutic. 那我還覺得那個主唱還是硬核最棒的代表 – 就是BANE的主唱。他所說得特正面。當然,有時候硬核樂隊應該上台fuck什麼什麼 – 因為我們的音樂還是十分有怒氣。。。但是還是BANE的主唱特棒。。。


I’m out…

Go listen to BANE! 去聽BANE!

“Fuck yeah – I’m still holding on…”


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  1. xyoungwx May 7, 2012 at 11:59 pm #

    gonna watch refused in toronto at july 11th…so excited!!!
    anyway I am kinda sick of terror nowaday…the newest songs are all sound the same…same topic same riff and blah blah blah…

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