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Last night was an awesome show…wasn’t expecting to see so many people singalong to our songs! We have been singing in English in Hong Kong for a few years now – but lately it seems that people are actually getting into it and are okay with singing the words in English. Pretty amazing – Hong Kong has changed a lot. 昨天晚上的演出真棒!香港是一個很奇怪的地方。。。有些演出可以吸引好多人來看(比如說 – 昨天晚上),但是有些演出特少人會來看(比如說 – BANE)…所以香港的演出完全不是特一貫。。。他人喜歡問我“你覺得多少人會來看?”, 我每次很坦白回答他們“我真的不知道”。 反正,昨天晚上就是那些好的演出。。。很多人來看,很多人來參加,很多人十分熱情。我們玩的時候我完全猜不到有那麼多人終於認識了我們新歌的歌詞。。。那個感覺特棒。

We’re VERY excited about next weekend! Next Saturday – June 30 – we’re flying to Singapore. Then we get on a bus and go straight to Malaysia – Johor Bahru to be exact – and play a show there that night at Unity Fest. Then after the show we’ll get back on a bus and drive back to Singapore. The next day we’re playing Baybeats in Singapore – Jul 1! 到了一個很興奮的週末!我們下個禮拜六將會飛去新加坡,然後下飛機之後要坐大巴去馬來西亞演出。演了之後再坐大巴回去新加坡。。。第二天我們就是在新加坡最大的音樂節Baybeats演出!特期待這個週末。。。

We’re hoping to have a great time…I know one of the best ways to ENSURE that you guys also have a good time, is if you spend some time learning the words to our songs so that the show carries some emotions to the experience…can’t wait to see you all!

Here’s a GREAT video about the process of making vinyl 下面是個很有趣的視頻 – 關於做黑膠:


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  1. eddie June 25, 2012 at 10:20 am #

    Yeah I was surprised as shit when I saw so many other people signing along to the new material. Don’t think I’ve seen that much support in ages!

    Good show though, was good to see you guys play your new material!

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