HK Metal Alliance

Hong Kong has always had a metal “scene” here. Tons of bands play this genre in Hong Kong in one form or another – black/metal, death-metal, doom-metal…then the more recent versions of metal – like metalcore, deathcore, etc…

There are so many bands here that try to keep the authenticity in true “metal” and these guys often come together to help each other put on shows to push the genre and music to more people. There used to be an organization called “Hong Kong Extreme Metal Organization” that put on some GREAT metal shows in HK…

According to this NEW group (Hong Kong Metal Alliance), HKEMO is no more…so instead of letting metal fall by the wayside, a bunch of metal enthusiasts got together and started a NEW community of metal fans! These guys promise to promote metal to HK’s masses through more and more shows…

Sounda incredibly promising!

Now – I wish there was something like this for hardcore in Hong Kong…but with no hardcore bands here, how is that possible? So strange…the feeling of giving and giving 13 years to hardcore in Hong Kong and hoping that there would be some sort of development of hardcore here. But 13 years later, there’s still nothing. To have 68 people come to a Bane show, and then 48 to a Thick as Blood show…but have over 400 people come for Parkway Drive. It just shows you that metal will always be big all over the world – but ESPECIALLY bigger here.

Anyway…good luck to our extreme metal brothers in Hong Kong! We hope one day we had enough hardcore bands where we could have something like this too…


HK Metal Alliance:

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