KLC live in beijing…entire video SO GOOD!

This shit is killer…it’s an hour long of what a typical King Ly Chee show is like – especially in a place that appreciates us, respects us and truly supports us. This was a great show from beginning to end…our brothers in Beijing hardcore bands have stood by us for many years! They’ve supported us and most importantly – encouraged us – especially since I made the decision to sing in Mandarin starting a few years ago…這個視頻太棒!這是我們12年全國巡演北京站的視頻 – 剪的特好看!你想看我們的演出是怎麼樣 – 請過來享受一下!但是我要說 – 我們可以給大家這樣的演出 – 如果那場的觀眾是這樣那麼熱血的!我們北京硬核的家庭已經這樣對我們很多年了。。。一直的支持,一直的友誼,一直的鼓勵(特別是我選擇幾年前開始唱普通話 – 他們一直都支持了我 – 沒有笑我的發音錯,等等。。。這是叫兄弟!)…沒有這些北京熱血的硬核兄弟姐妹,我們肯定不會有這樣那麼火爆的北京演出!

We would be NOTHING in Beijing without the Beijing hardcore scenes love and support…as witnessed in this video!

ENJOY – please spread this video far and wide letting the world know that China DOES have a hardcore scene! 希望大家可以幫我們繼續轉發這個視頻!給全地球的人知道我們中國硬核世界的存在!

China’s first hardcore festival is taking place Sept 29! LOOK OUT FOR THAT! 全中國的首次硬核音樂節是將會在今年的九月二十九號!記住這個十分有意義的日子!


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