Why did I write “welcome”? Because tonight we played a show in Hong Kong that we don’t normally play. There were 5 bands I think total and all of them are VERY pop. These bands usually play to screamy girls screaming their name etc…and for some reason amongst these bands, the organizers asked US to play! Hahahahaha…very weird. But we had a good time because it gave us more to prove when we stepped on stage.

Anyway – if this is your first time coming to our website – WELCOME – we hope you enjoy spending the next few hours of your life reading through our blogs, interviews, history, etc…come learn about this culture that we love called HARDCORE. As you read through this site you will learn one very important thing – THIS BAND IS ABOUT BEING REAL! We don’t have any bullshit – we don’t give a shit about our hair, about our clothes, about looking “cool” on stage…we play this music and are a part of this culture because this is our lives. Our lives are very simple – we go to work, have families and read about what’s going on in the world. We are the kind of people that LIKE learning about what’s going on in Hong Kong – and LIKE talking about it. We talk about it in our songs to raise awareness…歡迎來看我們的官網 – 我也想跟你們說”加油“!哈哈哈。。。因為你下幾個小時多會還在看我們的blog,看我們的採訪,看我們的歷史。。。希望你可以找到一點點的共鳴。最重要 – 希望你馬上feel到這個樂隊最緊要的信念就是BE REAL. 我們不是里髮型,衣服,上台要好”型”…這些東西全都沒意思。最重要是找到一個有意義的生活 – 有意義的音樂 – 有意義的環境。。。

This is what hardcore’s all about.

Enjoy reading…下場show再見!


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