So Emmure is an even more stupid band then I thought. The internet is awash with reports about how this stupid fucking band’s singer’s clothing company has suddenly been taken down. He addresses this issue with a really stupid statement that doesn’t make any sense, and he goes around in circles trying to explain how clever he is and how the world just doesn’t understand him.

Hey fuckhead – no one cares. You suck. Your band sucks. And your clothing company was plainly and clearly fucking stupid.

Anyway…on to other topics…

Yesterday, on my FB I uploaded a video of Sofia crawling! She just started 2 days ago and I got a great video of her crawling, falling down, but getting back up and continuing…she was crawling over to me because I had her favorite book in my hand. I didn’t know that she was going to come to me and actually OPEN the book!!! Love it…I hope this is always going to be part of her character – her dad (me) has always had that never-say-never attitude (why else would KLC still be around 13 years later having gone through so much shit)…

Today’s Thursday…we’re only 3 days away from our music video shoot! CAN’T WAIT!!!

Have not watched a single olympics event and don’t care…heard about a couple scandals but am already bored with them all.

Off to work…it’s 6:45am.


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  1. eddie August 9, 2012 at 5:49 pm #

    I saw that Emmure story on lambgoat this morning, couldn’t believe what I was reading. Such a stupid fucking person, why anyone would look up to him is beyond me.

    Super excited for the video shoot!

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