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Funny situation

As the title says, yeah, me and my gf encoutered a very funny situation today at  lunch:

As we scheduled today, we had lunch at a restaurant where her brother (his name’s Fici) works (and which he paid for it too hehe), its called Albergue 1601. The environment was totally high-class and comfortable, and the food was awesome too…

As her brother works there, and when we were leaving, he wanted to introduce us to the owner and apparently, the owner of this restaurant is a DJ from HK… And here goes the conversation:

Owner: Uh…Are you from here?

Me: Yeah…What i don’t look like i’m from here? hahaha

Owner: Haha…Nah, Just asking out of curiosity

Fici: Actually he plays in a band in HK

Owner: Oh really? So what kind of music do you play?

Me: Hummm…Hardcore ( because i wasn’t sure if a DJ would know what was Hardcore)

Owner: Oh~ So does your kind of music sound like KING LY CHEE or something like that?

Me: ( I was already laughing)

Fici & Natalia: He IS from KINGLYCHEE ! hahaha!

Owner: Oh! That’s why you look so familiar! haha… So you’re friends with Riz right? Hey, come by sometime for a drink!

Me: Hahaha…Sure

And so it was what happened today….That’s all folks! hehe :p

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Blasted Mechanism

Here’s another band from Portugal

Blasted Mechanism – Under the Sun

Saw their performance in Macau last year and they were so great… If you’re a fan of Asian Dub Foundation you might like them too…

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Bane – Some Came Running

Here’s a song of the day, Bane – Some Came Running

Still remember the day when they played in HK last year… Everyone screaming out loud “OUT ON THE ROAD! LITTLE BOYS LET THEIR BEARDS GROW~!!” Their performance was amazing!

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Joe’s Proposal

A big congratulations to Joe’s proposal to Meh Yeung! Hope they’ll get married soon, start a family and have some hardcore kids in the future to keep up with the next generation of KLC! Hehehehe!

So here’s a video of one of my favorite bands…the drummer is such a beast! His touching is fuckin awesome!

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H20 – What Happened?

Ok~~ Now that Joe’s been mentioning about H20 recently, i would like to share a song to MANY of the bands hehehe

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