Holy hell!!!

What’s up everyone!

Can’t believe it’s 2016 and the last time we put up a message on this website was like over a year ago!!!

Anyway…since we don’t really update this website much we want to make sure that the MOST important piece of information is up here. What we’ve been busy doing is staying on top of website. Please make sure you go to that website EVERY DAY to check out insanely amazing Asian bands…





Thank you for your support!

Our next shows are:

Jan 17 – Hong Kong – Hidden Agenda – INFO:

Jan 23 – Hanoi – Vietnam – School of Mosh – INFO:

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Agnostic Front New Album Trailer…

I think the whole idea that “hardcore” is a way of life is so important for people to understand…and you can’t explain it…for example, the other day I woke up in the morning and went downstairs to get breakfast for my family, but right before I left my house I noticed that a FULL Madball LIVE show video was up online…I pressed play on my phone and watched the whole video getting into the elevator, walking across the street, ordering the food, waiting for the food, picking up the food, walking back home, back in the elevator and back home…the whole time I watched the Madball video and didn’t even realize I did all this other stuff because I was so wrapped up in the video…

There are some people for which hardcore is just another type of music…they don’t have a very DEEP personal connection to the music…but then there are people like me who are so in love with this that they think about it all the time every day…as soon as I wake up I get online to see what new things have come out in terms of videos or new bands or new interviews, etc…I just love it…

But my all time favorite is ALWAYS reading or watching videos that talk about how hardcore all began…I am ALWAYS fascinated by learning the roots of things because it further cements my love for this thing because I feel like there are always so many similarities of how things began for hardcore and how hardcore started out here in Hong Kong/China…very similar struggles.

Soooooo…this Agnostic Front trailer is awesome…but it’s way TOO short! I’m sure I could listen to Roger and Stigma talk about the early days for years and years…

Anyway…from what I hear in the background of the video, the new songs sound pretty good!

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Tomorrow’s Chinese new year!!!! So happy new year everyone – I wish all your dreams come true and that everything you have put your heart and soul into makes you smile and happy this year!

Our first show of the new year is going to be Taipei and we can’t FUCKING wait!!! We’ve worked out a set for this amazing show and the setlist is below…we’re starting with a song off of our new album – which is VERY exciting to us because we haven’t fucked with the opening few songs in a LONG time…hahahaha…we’re very much the “if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it” kinda band…it has worked for us for a long time so let’s not mess with it! Hahaha..but because we’re going back to somewhere that we have gone to in 11 years – we thought it would be cool to try something different!

Taipei – crazy! We haven’t played there since fucking 2004!!!

If you don’t know about the show here is ALL the information you need:

We’re playing with amazing Taiwanese metal bands as well as our brothers in Hong Kong’s Evocation as well…SUPER fucking excited…

The other amazing thing is that our brand new album CNHC is being released in Taiwan too! The guys behind Magnum Music were really excited to help us make this come true so we are super thankful that they will put out CNHC in Taiwan for us…to make that happen our Ah Ho had to redo the whole CD packaging so it’s going to be an even more special release!

Big thank you to Magnum Music for their support…

If you live in Taiwan you can pre-order the CD now!

I also did a really LONG interview with my buddies Mike and xTWHCx blog to help talk about KLC’s history as well as our history in Taiwan…check that out at this link:

Alright…have a safe night everyone and see you in the year of the goat!


This is our SETLIST for Taiwan:
Scream for Life


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Good morning




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Chilling with my daughter on my day off…looking through all the orders that have come in this morning! Thank you so much for your support! So far, Germany is KILLING it! We have so many orders from Germany – RAD!!! Thank you out there…

The music player has been updated with both versions of the album so please enjoy it! I’m sure you’ve always wanted to hear what Chinese hardcore sounds like sung in Chinese :-) How about Chinese hardcore sung in Chinese by a Pakistani? I think that’s pretty badass too! hahahaha…

Keep those orders coming please! If we are sold out of something please let me know! Just post a message or email me and I can check to see if we have anymore of whatever you’re looking for:

sfscratch {at}




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We’re playing in Shenzhen tomorrow at a brand new club! PSYCHED to be playing in a new club in Shenzhen but even MORE excited that we are working with our good friend Mu Gua again…the last time he organized a show for us in Shenzhen it was packed full of people because he works his ass off to promote the show! This time he has done it again and it always means so much when OTHER people besides the band members themselves go out of their way to do something for us…means so much…

Go to our WEIBO to find the address…

See you tomorrow if you can come out!

CANNOT BELIEVE that in 2 weeks Sick of it All will be in Hong Kong…HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!


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