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death by stereo

I know tons of bands in Hong Kong that really go out of their way to build connections with more famous bands or artists and even ask for sponsorships with companies etc to support them and promote them. I don’t find much respect or honor in doing that because you’re going out of your way to find people and ask them to support or promote you. Who knows – maybe that’s why King Ly Chee has never gotten anywhere in Hong Kong because we don’t know how to play the “game”. I have many principles that work in my head and groveling for people to talk about my band or give us stuff isn’t part of my playbook…我认识很多本地乐队常好主动找一找明星或者什么什么牌子的公司来宣传和支持他们。我自己觉得这样的行为是很奇怪。。。我觉得这样迫人支持你就没有什么荣誉。。。我们荔枝王从来没有做过这样的动作,但是可能是因为我们没有做过这样的动作,所以我们在香港没得到什么。但是我是一位很有原则的人 – 我觉得如果他人想支持我们就是因为他们自己喜欢我们的音乐,我们的乐队,我们的信念然后想自己想推介我们给多人知道。

So when random things happen without us asking for it…it means SO MUCH TO ME and this band…

A few weeks ago I told you guys about how that guitar company called Artist Series Guitar introduced us on their website…and that feeling that this company checked us out without us contacting them or anything…and that this company is in the US and works with bands like: Bleeding Through, Throwdown, Death by Stereo, Parkway Drive, and soon Sick of it All (FUCK YEAH!) – it’s just such a great feeling! To be appreciated like that by people outside of Hong Kong leaves me speechless. We don’t get any support in Hong Kong like this because we’re just not commercial or whatever – but to have people who actually UNDERSTAND us and WANT to support us…it’s SOOOOO amazing. 几个礼拜前我有跟你们说一个美国吉他牌子有推介我们。。。这个公司常跟这些乐队合作: Bleeding Through, Throwdown, Death by Stereo, Parkway Drive – 他们将来也会跟我英雄Sick of it All合作。这个公司我们从来没有联络过 – 就是他们自己找到我们然后决定了我们是一队值得支持的乐队。这样我们特高兴 – 我无语说我心里的感觉 – 就是特开心。我们在香港从来没有收到这样的支持 – 就是外国或者内地才会见到这样的活动来支持我们。

Yesterday, it happened again! This time a legendary hardcore/punk band from California called Death by Stereo promoted us on their facebook! AMAZING!!! Again, like I said before, hardcore is a global community and even in the US there are actually bands who believe in this global movement enough to look beyond their borders to find bands who are active as fuck (like us) and promote them. 昨天我们又发生有人很主动有推介我们。在美国里的州叫加州有个很著名的hardcore/punk乐队叫Death by Stereo在他们的facebook有推介我们!真的见到这件事我疯了!这样的那么出名的硬核/朋克乐队推介一个亚洲乐队真少。。。所以我们特感激他们这样做。他们也是一队我们从来没有联络过的乐队 – 他们自己找到了我们然后再觉得我们值得支持。太好啊!他们这样做也是代表硬核真的是一个全地球的活动。。。他们也代表了美国里真的有乐队们也支持这个地球的活动,美国真的有乐队们会研究美国外的乐队然后支持他们!

Thank you to Death by Stereo for taking that time and giving us a hand…MUCH APPRECIATED! 非常谢谢你们Death by Stereo! 非常感激你们来我们的网站看看和听听我们然后觉得我们值得支持!

希望我们所有CNHC的支持者和信徒 (可以这样说吗?信徒 – believer对吗?)见到这坚实也会感到自豪!这是为了我们全国的硬核世界! :-)

Enjoy your day…

On the Death by Stereo facebook page 在death by stereo的网站见到这个留言:


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holy shit! Artist Series Guitars introduced us!

Yo…this is going down as one of the craziest things for me to see recently! 太疯了!今天早上一起来开我的facebook. 我一开就见到一个吉他牌子叫Artist Series Guitar的update. 这个牌子就是Joe几天前介绍给大家。他们有很多乐队的吉他,比如说: Parkway Drive, Throwdown, 还有几个月后他们将会有SICK OF IT ALL的!!!

I woke up this morning and opened up my facebook and I found a status update by the guitar company called Artist Series that Joe introduced to all of you a few days ago! The same one that has made Parkway Drive, Throwdown and the soon to be released SICK OF IT ALL guitar!

And guess what their status update was? 但是你们想知道他们的update是什么?这里是他们的update:

“Rad H/C band from Hong Kong reps us…. and we rep them! Go check them out! 从香港来很棒的硬核乐队有支持我们,所以我们要支持他们!快过去看他们的网站!”

SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You KNOW there are hardcore kids behind this guitar company, because that type of support only comes from people in the hardcore community! 好棒啊!!!我觉得这个公司里肯定有些硬核世界的人!他们这样欣赏我们Joe的段日记,他们肯定跟硬核有关系得人。。。

Thanks for that! This band has been around 12 years and that’s probably up there as one of the coolest things to happen! 谢谢Artist Series Guitar! 我们已经玩了十二年了,但是我可以说这还是其中最酷的事情发生!


CRAZY! This is their website so get into it 这是他们的网站快过去看: http://www.artistseriesguitar.com/


PS: To anyone in the world who has just come to our page because of the Artist Series Guitar status update – WELCOME TO ASIAN HARDCORE!!! Stick around and check out the passion we all send out into the world…we ain’t got a huge scene here in Asia, but we have tons of die-hard hardcore kids here doing their thing for their Asian community, city and country to represent hardcore and help it spread it’s wings throughout this continent of ours!!! 如果这次是你第一次来我们的网站:欢迎来亚洲硬核的社会!请用点儿时间研究下我们这个网站然后过去看其他亚洲硬核乐队的网站。。。感觉一下我们对亚洲硬核发展的热情。。。

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