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one life one chance fitted hats?!?!


Psyched…Toby from H2O has been posting up pics of the One Life, One Chance fitted hats that they’re about to start selling…looks good to me! :-) 好高兴!H2O的主唱在他的facebook/twitter上载了他One Life, One Chance会的新帽子!好棒!一可以买我马上上网订!

Check them out below…下面可以享受帽子的设计。。。后面大字PMA很棒! :-)

Also – Cruel Hand has a pretty funny website up with all their tour videos…behind the scenes fun stuff…dude, this band is SOOOOO good…Cruel Hand也有个很有趣的网站 – 就是他们巡演的时候拍的影片。。。很好笑: http://cruelhandhc.tumblr.com/

I’m out…


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hot saturday morning in hk…

Woke up to an incredibly hot-sticky and muggy Hong Kong day…rainy season must be upon us…lots of rain and suffocating humidity choking the life out of people wanting to do anything active. Skating a few days ago was murder in this humidity…but I battled through it – got my backside pop shoveits down. Psyched on that…今天一起来就感觉到天气太热。。。湿度太高。。。香港的天气这几天就是这样。。。想出去做一些运动都要想清楚。。。几天前在天气滑板真讨厌。。。

Came across news that one of my favorite hardcore bands for the past few years (Cruel Hand – if you haven’t heard of this hardcore band then you’re a fucking idiot) is going to Malaysia. I’m trying to figure out how we can bring them to Hong Kong. Hopefully – fingers crossed – we can work something out…we haven’t had any hardcore bands come to Hong Kong all of 2011!!! What the fuck…one of the worst years in terms of hardcore in Hong Kong. 我今天收到消息这几年我其中最喜欢的硬核乐队叫Cruel Hand (如果你没有听过他们你真白痴!哈哈哈哈。。。)将会去马来西亚演出!所以我现在开始了找办法带他们来香港演出。今年我们全年暂时还没有一个硬核乐队来香港演出。。。真傻逼。

Anyway…while stalking Cruel Hand for the past few hours I found out that they were supporting an amazing new charity organization that was started by hardcore kids from a hardcore community. The organization is called “Hardcore Help Foundation” and they raise funds by selling new and used hardcore t-shirts and use that money to donate to important causes around the world. The two causes they’re working on now is helping out people in Japan. The other cause is for that kid named Mike Bird that I told you about a few weeks ago who was paralyzed after stagediving at a Terror show. 反正。。。我看Cruel Hand的网站的时候发现他们最近有推介一个特棒帮社会的会。这个会就是一班硬核世界的人开始的。。。是叫”Hardcore Help”…他们的目的就是卖新和二手的硬核t-shirt然后捐钱给需要的人士。他们现在捐钱给两个不同的活动。。。一个是日本。。。另外是我几个礼拜前介绍的男人在terror演出跳水的时候摔倒地下然后现在瘫了。。。

Check out this website and learn how you can support this amazing organization that was started by hardcore kids!!! THIS IS WHAT HARDCORE IS ALL ABOUT!!! Helping the community…有兴趣的朋友可以过去这个网站看看。。。这就是硬核的目的!!!帮我们的社会。。。找自己的方法帮他人!!!


Also…really cool thing…there is a full documentary video up (one hour long!!!) of Black Flag’s very last tour in the US in 1986!!! Oh my god…watching this thing is crazy…seeing one of the world’s most famous punk/hardcore bands and how they toured then and how big they became even though they weren’t as famous as the bands of the time (Motley Crue, Van Halen, etc.) and that they were still able to make such a HUGE impact without being mainstream!!! 还有我今天找到一个特棒的纪录片!是著名朋克/硬核乐队叫Black Flag的最后巡演(1986年!)的纪录片!看这个的时候真觉得他们很厉害。。。当时地上的乐队就是那些Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses, Van Halen, 等等 – 那写乐队特有媒体的支持。但是Black Flag就是一队地下的乐队 – 他们只是不停巡演才有特多人的支持 (我自己喜欢这样的做法!如果你的乐队一天可以特红 – 你达到这个位子因为你们特努力做你的乐队。。。这样你红的时候大家真可以尊重你)。。。

For all our China friends – you HAVE to find a way to watch it!! 内地的朋友们你们真要找办法看看!! http://vimeo.com/23499919

Okay…off to get some rest and hang out with my beautiful wife..好的星期六。。。要跟我美丽的老婆过这两天!:-)



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