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Back in HK and back at school, work full time and starting this new year full throttle and not looking back…our very first day of the new year we spent playing an awesome show in front of amazing people in Chengdu….the Chengdu audience always treats us incredibly…this time we were TRULY looking forward to playing this music festival because last year’s was SOOOO good…easily one of my most memorable shows I’ve played with King Ly Chee in 11 years…but this time unfortunately, it rained the day that we played…but that didn’t matter because the audience that showed up all went crazy regardless of the cold and wet weather…so awesome to look at the audience and see them all going absolutely crazy for us….you can watch a video of the audience in the video below…

We have 3 shows coming up in Jan in Hong Kong. we haven’t played that many shows in Hong Kong in a very long time and I don’t really know how I feel about that…I miss the days that I used to look forward to playing shows in Hong Kong…that was most definitely years and years ago…now I just want to be on stage and go nuts. I don’t expect people to be there to see us nor move for that matter nor actually know our lyrics or any of our new songs…the ones that we play all the time…

Anyway…if anyone in HK is interested we’re playing shows on Jan 15, 29 and 30…Jan 30 we’re playing a show in Yuen Long at a music festival…that’s going to be interesting…a festival in HK? Really interested to see what that’s going to be like…

New website? No idea when that’ll be ready. There’s a company that has been working on it for over a month now…no idea when they’ll be ready. Just gotta be patient I guess…

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Great show last night…it’s not often that I say that about a King Ly Chee show in Hong Kong! But last night was amazing…there were so many new people there that it was amazing to look out and see people just going crazy and having a good time…Nothing should trump just having a good time sometimes! There were a bunch of hardcore kids at the show last night that I had never seen in Hong Kong! They were all expats so I’m wondering where these dudes hang out! Get involved with our little non-existent hardcore scene! Email us! 昨天晚上的演出太棒!我很少對香港演出有這樣的感覺。。。但是昨天晚上的氣氛真熱情。。。我見到很多新的hardcore的支持者!他們好像是外國人但是我很想知道他們住在哪兒!哈哈哈。。。

There were so amazing moments last night…but one of my favorites was definitely getting on facebook throughout the show to see all the messages from all over the world of people who were watching the show in the UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan! SOOOOO awesome…昨天有太多特好的回憶但是我覺得最棒的事情就是沒幾分鐘我會上facebook看看他人的留言!有英國,馬來西亞,日本,印尼,菲律賓,內地,等等的人都有上網看昨天晚上的現場直播!!!

We are now SO happy to announce that we’re playing in Chengdu again!!! We are playing there annual incredible FOREVER YOUNG Music Festival!!! We had such a great time playing it last year!!! They have invited us back this year and we couldn’t be more excited to go back to that beautiful place…現在我們很高興宣布我們下場演出!我們元旦的時候將會在成都的永遠年輕音樂節演出!!!特高興!我們上年那邊玩的時候特特特開心!所以這次再有這個機會我們十分高興!!!


還有我們下場香港演出將會2011年的一月十五號 。。。我們將會做我們的朋友樂隊鐵樹懶CD show的開場樂隊 Our next show in HK will be Jan 15 2011 where we’ve been invited to be an opening band for our friends in Tie Shu Lan as they celebrate the release of their album! 

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I just don’t understand how a country the size of Singapore…only has 5 million people but our city of Hong Kong has almost 8 million people…can have a better music climate! Think about all the bands that have gone there in the past few years that have skipped Hong Kong!!! How can in a city of 8 million people – almost twice the amount of people that live in Singapore – not have a big enough interest in OTHER types of music besides fucking canto-pop?! 我真不明白 。。。新加坡是一個特小的國家。。。只有香港一半人口但是他們對音樂的觀念和熱情是比我們多和高很多!!!他們那麼小的地方!他們的音樂環境怎麼可能比我們好那麼多?!我們的人口比他們多一半但是我們對其他音樂風格的歌迷不夠他們多。真fucking奇怪!


I fucking hate the fact that HK’s music climate and industry is all based on canto-pop. FUCK CANTO-POP!?? 我真恨香港的垃圾音樂環境!!!真傻逼!!!怎麼可能只有一個音樂風格?!?!?FUCK廣東流行歌!!!

That is the kind of angry response you’re going to get from me if you talk to me about fucking Canto-pop these next few months. I respect all types of music, but when you live in a city where the ONLY thing you hear about is Canto-pop and canto-pop and more canto-pop, all it makes me want to do is kill myself. 那 – 有腦的人我現在的語氣就是因為我對香港的音樂環境太失望了!我對這裡一點點希望都沒有!我本人對什麼音樂風格很有尊重感。。。但是因為這裡我去哪兒只能聽到廣東流行歌,只能看到廣東流行歌,我真開始受不了!

Don’t talk to me about Canto-pop…it has ruined Hong Kong! 以後請別跟我談廣東流行歌。。。我覺得就是香港垃圾音樂的環境所以我們現在的情況是那麼差。。。現在什麼亞洲的 國家全部已經過了我們!!!不要說內地 – 他們連音樂節已經有政府的支持!在工廠當的中國!!!那 – 你當然可以說是因為中國的人口是特多!但是新加坡呢?!

Iron Maiden in Singapore…I can’t even begin to believe how legendary that is…for me to be able to see Iron Maiden is immensely important…but I can’t see them in Singapore because the show is on a Tuesday!!! FUCK!!! 新加坡 – 關於音樂和藝術的東西你們真有文化!Iron Maiden去新加坡我真不相信。。。我也過不去因為他們演出是星期二。。。可惜了。。。Iron Maiden是我這一生真要看到!

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