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During the typhoon weather…I spent the entire day pretty much watching amazing hardcore videos up on our favorite hardcore-related video website: www.hate5six.com – such a great site…昨天香港大风的时候我坐在家里过时间看十分多牛逼的硬核影片。。。全部是在这个十分棒的网站: www.hate5six.com

My favorites from the This is Hardcore Fest videos that they have are…他们最近上载了很多This is Hardcore音乐节的影片。。。我最爱看得是:

Wisdom in Chains
Cruel Hand

Wisdom in Chains is NOT a tough-guy hardcore band…this band brings back the feeling of H2O, Ignite, and other more melodic hardcore…great singalongs…great lyrics…and in this video you can see the brotherhood and friendship that this band is able to create. YOU SHOULD GET INTO THEM! 这个乐队完全不是那种TOUGH GUY好重的hardcore…他们有比较melodic的感觉。。。十分好听的chorus…十分多singalong的位子。。。歌词也是非常好。。。你看他们这个影片的时候感觉到他们对硬核的爱。。。你们一定要听这个乐队!

Madball is madball…legends in their own rights. In this video what I FULLY respect is that Madball doesn’t just play the “hits” – they don’t just play the old songs that everyone knows. They are still releasing albums today so what they do is to make sure they’re playing new songs…it’s kinda like a FUCK YOU to all those people who only want to hear old songs. RESPECT! Having said that…at the end of this video it’s so cool to see Chris of Cruel Hand and Scott of Terror coming up to sing a classic Madball song – PRIDE (TIMES ARE CHANGING)…fucking touching…我不要介绍这个乐队啦。。。你们大家都十分尊重他们。。。我最欣赏的是在这个影片你们见到Madball不是只玩他们的最红的歌!他们还每几年发出新唱片所以他们一定会完最近的歌。。。这样他们就是说FUCK那些人只想听舊歌。。。哈哈哈。。。我非常可以尊重他们这样的做法。这个影片的最后一首歌非常感动 – 因为Cruel Hand和Terror的主唱有上台跟Madball一起唱Pride…

Madball (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.




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S.O.S – hardcore supergroup interview

Here’s a short interview with one of the guitar players of the hardcore super group called S.O.S which features members of Terror, Trapper Under Ice, and ex-members of Hatebreed, Agnostic Front and Madball…大家都知道有个新乐队叫S.O.S. – 很多人都形容这个乐队是一队 “Supergroup”hahahaha…因为成员现在和以前是这些乐队的成员:Terror, Trapped Under Ice, and ex-members of Hatebreed, Agnostic Front and Madball…

What a crazy CV that is! hahahahahaha…我觉得SOS的CV真厉害!哈哈哈哈。。。

Anyway…here’s an interview with the guitar player Matt who was originally in Madball 这里有个采访 – 采访是跟SOS的吉他手(以前Madball的吉他手):


Here’s an interesting article about Hidden Agenda and the shit that they’re dealing with due to our gravely out-of-touch government who is trying to shut them down even though they exist in a rundown industrial area and pose no threat to anyone – quite the contrary, they’ve been a breeding ground for music and bands to grow and perform in…places like this should be RECEIVING government support instead of being forced out by the government/landlords, etc. 下面有个特好看的文章。文章是关于香港的livehouse叫Hidden Agenda。他们最近收到政府信叫他们马上停止。。。大家香港人都知道我们政府是全地球的最老土的政府 – (我是说第一世界里 – 没有人敢说香港是第三世界的城市啊!)。。。政府应该是鼓励这样的地方因为HA不是在中环区,他们是在香港的比较舊的区存在 – 他们是在香港的工业区存在。。。HA是鼓励本地乐队和音乐人 – 给他们好的机会演出,一个地方可以表演,演出来你的心声。。。政府应该支持他们不是叫他们停。

Hopefully HA can fight this and stay alive in Hong Kong. 希望HA可以争取支持他们这个活动。。。他们已经搬了一次。。。


I’m out…


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