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Photos from our recent show in Nanjing are up on our Douban page…you can navigate to that on the above link…the only words on our menu that are in Chinese is the Douban page…

I’m going on a trip with my wife and my parents today to Singapore for a few days! Very excited to be doing this for them…haven’t been on a trip with them in many many years…plus I absolutely LOVE Singapore so I’m super stoked to be there again and eat all the amazing food and be surrounded by super nice and friendly people…You kind of miss that kind of kindness while living in HK…so when you get to Singapore and when you go to restaurant and people are SO friendly – it just takes you by so much surprise…pleasant surprise…

Can’t wait to be there in just a few hours…

Last night was the last time I watched one of my all time favorite HK bands…The Lovesong are ending in just a short few weeks. One of their guitar players is leaving HK and so this it…these last few shows are their last few shows ever…

I have lots of thoughts about the demise of this wonderful band…lots of thoughts of the low quality of HK bands…lots of thoughts about why is it that HK bands seem to be satisfied if they are good enough for the HK “market”. All of this stuff just makes me wonder how different King Ly Chee is from the rest of HK. We are never happy just being a “HK” band…we always try to do things on an international level. You can already see by looking at the history of HK bands what HK bands need to do to “make” it in this city – NONE of it has to be actually writing good music…if you get a hair stylist or wardrobe stylist you’re going ot make it in this city…it’s a superficial city so you have to do superficial things in order to make it here…

Anyway…none of us have any sort of goals to make it in HK. I could careless if we are always the forgotten band in HK. Because outside of HK we have tons of people who know what we’re all about and respect us for it and thus, support us for it. YOU guys are what makes this band keep pushing onwards.

I’m going to miss the lovesong…I wonder if there’ll be another HK band that can bring their music and performance to their level again…

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Another great time was had by us up in Nanjing this past weekend…we were there for less than 24 hours but we still had a great show and had an amazing time. 回來了香港。。。再玩的很開心。。。我們只在南京不夠二十四小時但是還是特好玩。。。


But coming back to HK we always come back very confused and conflicted in our hearts. We always have to wonder how a band like us can have such great support outside of Hong Kong but have ZERO support in Hong Kong? The city where we’ve spent the most heart and soul and energy trying to create something for us and hardcore? It doesn’t make any sense. 但是我還是想說說一些東西。。。我們每次回來香港我們都有個很奇怪的感覺。。。為什麼我們所有演出的城市/國家的支持是比香港強很多?我們花了最多心和精力是在香港為了香港,但是我們最底的支持是在香港。真奇怪。。。雖然香港的音樂文化真不適合我們,但是這裡還是我們的家。所有樂隊最強的支持應該是在他們自己的家嗎?

Anyway…we all know and can feel where King Ly Chee’s focus is anyway – and it’s obvious it’s no longer Hong Kong and it hasn’t been for many many years. 反正 – 大家都應該感覺到我們這幾年的希望全部放了那兒。

So thank you to all our true supporters wherever you are in this world – it means so much to us that you’re still with us regardless…所以我們真要拿這個機會謝謝我們所有支持者。。。無論你現在在哪裡。。。我們真要謝謝你們的支持!

Thank you to everyone in China who have given us so much hope…非常謝謝所有內地的支持者!!!你們的熱情太強了!!!每次上台聽到你們大聲叫我們的名字真感動我們!!!一聽到馬上忘記我們在香港的情況。。。特謝謝你們!

Please check out this link to check out a video of our time in Nanjing…在這裡我們上載了我們在南京演的影片CLICK HERE!

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Yo what a long time since I’ve posted something on this website…We’ve been waiting to get a new website up and I’ve just been waiting for that before I start flying to updating again. 太久沒有上載什麼消息。。。對不起我以為我們很快已經會有個新網站。。。但是事實是我們還需要很長時間才有個新網站。。。我們的要求太高哈哈哈哈。。。

But it will be a much longer process for sure…so I’ll go back to updating this thing.

We’re in the midst of having a crazy fucking typhoon heading our way here in Hong Kong! Sucks…it’s supposed to hit HK on Saturday which is the same day that we’re supposed to be flying to Nanjing!!! DAMN!!! 我們在香港現在要準備一個超大的大風。。。但是你們知道應該什麼時候到香港?就是這個禮拜六 – 就是我們飛去南京演出的日子!@FUCK!!!

We are dying to play a show so we are really hoping that we can fly out to Nanjing and that the weather up there is not impacted by this crazy hellish typhoon. 我們太久沒有演過出所以我們真期待演出。。。

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