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Back in HK and back at school, work full time and starting this new year full throttle and not looking back…our very first day of the new year we spent playing an awesome show in front of amazing people in Chengdu….the Chengdu audience always treats us incredibly…this time we were TRULY looking forward to playing this music festival because last year’s was SOOOO good…easily one of my most memorable shows I’ve played with King Ly Chee in 11 years…but this time unfortunately, it rained the day that we played…but that didn’t matter because the audience that showed up all went crazy regardless of the cold and wet weather…so awesome to look at the audience and see them all going absolutely crazy for us….you can watch a video of the audience in the video below…

We have 3 shows coming up in Jan in Hong Kong. we haven’t played that many shows in Hong Kong in a very long time and I don’t really know how I feel about that…I miss the days that I used to look forward to playing shows in Hong Kong…that was most definitely years and years ago…now I just want to be on stage and go nuts. I don’t expect people to be there to see us nor move for that matter nor actually know our lyrics or any of our new songs…the ones that we play all the time…

Anyway…if anyone in HK is interested we’re playing shows on Jan 15, 29 and 30…Jan 30 we’re playing a show in Yuen Long at a music festival…that’s going to be interesting…a festival in HK? Really interested to see what that’s going to be like…

New website? No idea when that’ll be ready. There’s a company that has been working on it for over a month now…no idea when they’ll be ready. Just gotta be patient I guess…

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JAN 1 成都見

JAN 1 成都見
CNHC來殺你們! :-)


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Yo…sorry that it’s been a long time…I don’t even know if anyone checks this website. We’re busy doing a bunch of shit…Brian has been busy with our new studio…That place is going to be amazing so we can’t wait to get it done so we can move into it and set ourselves up. 對不起大家。。。好久沒有給你們什麼消息。。。但是我們是特忙。。。Brian忙安排我們新排練和錄音的房間。。。我們很期待這個房間希望盡快可以進去看看這個地方。。。就是我們新家!哈哈哈哈

I’ve been busy trying to figure out who is going to be making our new website. The original guy decided that this was going to be too hard so he gave up. Pussy. Now we’ve got two different people looking at what we want and see how it’s possible for it to happen. We’re trying to turn this thing into a much more community type website…so all of you guys will be able to post comments on our blogs etc…can’t wait for this to happen…我自己忙做很多東西。。。我忙找個人幫我們做這個網站。。。我們本來找到的人做不到我們想做的東西。。。我只能用一個英文字代表這個人。。。pussy….哈哈哈哈。。。反正我們想重新做一個比較主動的網站給你們。。。就是我們每天的BLOG你們也可以直接發表意見。。。特期待這個東西。。。希望你們可以用耐性再等我們新網站。。。

Another thing that I’ve been busy doing is setting up a new show in HK…You can ask anyone that knows me – the LAST place I like performing is Hong Kong. This is a weird and horrible place to put on shows and to perform…還有一個特好的東西我在忙安排。。。如果你認識我哪你肯定知道在這個地球我最很恨演出的地方就是香港。這個城市就是一個特沒有感覺的地方演出。。。

The reason I put on this show is because I want to still support something amazing when I see it. Our good friends at Records Rendezvous – one of the only independent shops left in Hong Kong – has been going through some tough times with HK’s economy so they had to close down two of their stores. That sucks…plus the fact that CD sales are horrible in general the world over…but instead of giving up, they decided to close down the stores and to move their operations into a factory space in San Po Kong. While in there they’re still selling CD’s. To me this type of perseverance is something that I can totally stand behind…it’s the same thing as me pushing hardcore in Hong Kong. Even though people don’t really give a fuck about hardcore in Hong Kong, King Ly Chee hasn’t stopped and I haven’t stopped. 但是我突然有人請安排一個演出因為這個演出的意思是很深很深的。在香港已經沒有了深麼好獨立的CD舖頭(CD店)。。。但是我們還有一個CD店會賣重型音樂的CD。反正他們最近因為經濟的問題沒辦法要把他們兩間CD店關門。。。但是他們還沒放棄。。。他們就搬了進去一個工廠裡面繼續賣CD!我覺得他們這樣堅持性是完全值得支持的!!!這樣跟我們一樣。。。在香港誰有興趣支持我們和硬核文化呢? 沒有呢但是我們也是沒有放棄。。。還在宣傳者我們這個樂隊和文化。。。。

So I decided to put on this amazing show…the show will take place INSIDE the CD store!!!It’s going to be amazing to see it happen…very very excited that all this is coming together to support an amazing shop and more importantly that this is all coming together to support the independent spirit. All of us need to come together to support indie spirited things. 所以我決定了安排這個演出。。。這個演出將會在他們的CD店裡面發生的!!!特期待那一天。。。我們為了其他的獨立的東西需要出一點力。。。就是那麼簡單。。。

All show info can be found at our FB event page這個演出的資料請上我們的FB活動頁看看

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