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Yesterday we received the recording of a very good friend from a band that we all LOVE. He sang on our song called “On the Road” and it sounds fucking AWESOME!!! We can’t WAIT for you all to hear it and see which one of our friends from the West agreed to support us!!! 我们昨天收到一个很棒的礼物!就是我们其中一首新歌里有个特别声音我们想你们听到!相信我们 - 你一听到你觉得很proud! :-) 就是我们半年邀请了一个很著名hardcore乐队来唱我们一段。。。他昨天终于发了给我!十分好听!我们全队都很proud和特感谢这位人因为他的乐队是挺忙!

This is Hell has released a couple songs…it sounds like a whole different band. I don’t remember them sounding this metal…check it out if you’re interested 你们有没有听过This is Hell的新歌吗?完全不像他们。。。我还以为我是听着一队金属的乐队。。。你们可以下面试一试:

I’d like to say that right now all of KLC loves our brother Jai in Overthrown (Singapore hardcore band) – he is going out of his way to get us some endorsements! It’s so interesting – we’ve been playing for 12 years now and this is the first time that we’re going to be properly “endorsed” by a clothing company, and possibly a shoe company. We’ve never had this happen in HK because even the companies that promote so-called “street culture”, have never thought we were worth it. They’re just not interested. 我们现在真的要感谢我们一位十分好朋友。。。就是新加坡硬核乐队的吉他手Jai…因为他很主动有帮我们找到一个服装牌子来赞助我们乐队!我们十二年从来没有试过这样的情况所以特别开心。。。他还说有可能有个鞋子牌子也赞助我们!在香港的公司从来没对我们有什么兴趣。可能就是觉得我们是一个没有什么意思的乐队所以赞助我们也没意思。fuck off.

There is NO band in HK that has played as long as we have, that has done so much in Hong Kong and outside of Hong Kong. That is a fact. 我只能说真相。香港没有另外一个重型乐队玩了我们那么多年也做过我们那么多香港里和香港外面的活动和东西。

Anyway…huge thank you to our boy Jai!!! 反正 – 谢谢你啊Jai!!!


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牛逼乐队: Devil in Me (来自葡’国) AMAZING!

Like I mentioned a few days ago with that amazing hardcore band from the Netherlands called No Turning Back…I love checking out bands that rule who are NOT from the USA. 我几天前提了 – 我很喜欢听听非美国的乐队。。。比如说荷兰的乐队No Turning Back, 加拿大的乐队Comeback Kid…还有我们完美的亚洲乐队!

Here’s a band that all of KLC loves – a hardcore band called Devil in Me from Portugal!!! THIS BAND IS INCREDIBLE!!! Really gifted song writers…song structures are incredible…full of melody  and not just about being “tough” (read my blog post yesterday of that stupid band from Chile). I didn’t even realize that they had released a new album last year! The person that got me into this band is our drummer Egas who LOVES this band…he didn’t even know that Devil in Me had released a new record. 这里我想推介另外一队非美国的硬核乐队 – 他们叫Devil in Me来自葡国的乐队。。。我们全荔枝王十分爱上这个硬核乐队!他们歌的特好!有很多melody。。。还有他们很了解做一队硬核乐队不是一定需要好”tough”的印象 (你看看我昨天提的傻逼乐队 – 如果这样叫硬核那我马上放弃这个文化 hahahaha) – 音乐也不一定需要很重的。。。你一听这个乐队Devil in Me你就听到他们很有自己的style. 好棒。。。真棒。。。这个乐队就是我们鼓手Egas推介我们听。。。他也不知道原来Devil in Me去年已经发出了新专辑!你们下面可以下载这个乐队的新专辑。。。Anyway – download this great piece of wax here: http://www.ilikedyoubetterdead.com/2010/10/devil-in-me-end-2010.html

Hong Kong is HOT AS FUCK!!! 香港他妈的太热啊!

I dedicate this amazing tattoo of H2O lyrics to all my hardcore/metal/punk/indie-rock brothers and sisters all over the fucking world! :-) These are lyrics from the song called “5 Year Plan” that was released on H2O’s first album way back in ’95…I dedicate this to my brothers in 下面的图片我想送给我们全地球的硬核/金属/朋克/后滚的兄弟姐妹 (这个纹身就是牛逼硬核乐队H2O的歌叫5 Year Plan): Return the Truth, xItNeverHappened从未发生x, Unregenerate Blood不复之血, Loudspeaker, CUA Crew, Stand Strong, Hardplayer, Hot Pot Music 火锅, Human Brutality, The Geeks, Profound Hatred of Mankind (new band from S. Korea), SMZB, Larry’s Pizza, Tookoo, Reflector, Restraint, Overthrown, Piledriver, Queen City Crew, Gardo, Intolerant, Typecast, Love Me Butch, Born From Pain (Netherlands), Born From Pain (Thailand), No Turning Back, Shepherds the Weak, 13 Steps, Badburn, Evocation, Second Combat, BANE, Shai Hulud, Comeback Kid…

This friendship is for LIFE…这个友情永不死。


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