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mixing engineer


Yesterday morning I spoke to our mixing/mastering engineer who lives out in the US. This guy’s name is Zack and he’s the guy that mixed, mastered and produced First Blood’s album “Killafornia”! As a whole – all of King Ly Chee LOVES that record and the massive sounding drums – the angry guitars – and the in your face vocals. We can’t wait to see what magic this guy is going to do on our album! 昨天早上我和我们在美国的mixing/mastering engineer讲了电话!他叫Zack – 这位牛逼人是当First Blood唱片Killafornia的producer/mixer/master! 我们全队非常爱死那张First Blood的专辑。。。那张的鼓声音,吉他的力量,主唱的声音。。。全部都非常火爆!所以我们期待看看他怎么样mix/master我们的歌!

From day one – this band has always been about trying our best to raise our band to an international level band. So to send our music out to an incredibly experienced person to get our music mixed and mastered, is something we are VERY eager to do. 荔枝王从第一天开始(99年), 我们的目标就是做成一队国际级的乐队。。。我们不想就当一个本地香港乐队。所以我们想能把我们的歌给一位国际级的producer,我们太兴奋!

Mid-November is when we should be getting some mixes back from him…we can NOT wait to hear what he does…十一月中我们可以听第一二的mix!!! FUCK!!! 太期待。。。

Good interviews here with Sick of it All and our good friend Matt Fox of Shai Hulud (pretty funny too) 下面有个很好笑的采访 – 是Sick of it All跟我们好朋友Shai Hulud的Matt Fox:

Good interview with Toby Morse of H2O 这里有个特好看的采访 – 是跟H2O的主唱Toby:


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sick of it all day on kinglychee.com

Yo muthafuckas…你们怎么样?!

Today it’s all about my favorite hardcore band on this planet: SICK OF IT ALL…got into them as a 13 year old and now I’m 35 this year and still rockin’ this fucking band and will to the grave. 今天就是我最爱硬核乐队Sick of it All大消息的blog…hahahaha…第一次听他们我是十三岁。。。今年三十五岁还在支持这个乐队,支持他们直到永远!

Here’s an awesome article with my FAVORITE guitar player in ANY hardcore band…Pete Koller of Sick of it All. The article is about guitars…这里有个特有趣的文章跟Sick of it All的吉他手Pete Koller! 他是硬核世界里我最爱的吉他手!你看他演出的力量!我操!十分棒!十分给力的!

Sick of it All is going to release an album of all re-recorded classic Sick of it All songs! The album is going to be called “Non-Stop” because this band has been around for 25 years and have NEVER stopped or slowed down. Here’s more info on that. 他们将会发出一个新专辑 – 这个专辑是十分有意义的。。。他们再录过十几首舊歌!这个唱片叫”Non Stop 不停”因为他们已经玩儿了二十五年。。。他们一天都没停过!:

Photos of Sick of it All LIVE in Japan…they played there 2 weeks ago and didn’t fucking come to China or Hong Kong…DAMN…Someone talk to these dudes!!! 他们几个礼拜前去了日本演出。。。这里有写很棒的照片。。。他们为什么还没fucking来中国、香港呢?!?!?有影响力的人请跟他们说说!

Sick of it All has some new MERCH up 他们有新产品: http://www.allinmerch.com/category/SOIA.html

Remember these links 记住这些网站:
Sick of it All Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sickofitallny
Sick of it All website: www.sickofitall.com
Sick of it All twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/SOIANYC

GET INTO THIS BAND!!! 如果你们还没爱上了这个乐队。。。马上强迫你自己听!

One of my favorite hardcore songs…下面是我最爱硬核首歌的MV: SCRATCH THE SURFACE…


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Riz’s badass record collection

Well…you all MUST’VE known a Sick of it All record was going to be introduced! 大家都知道我迟早会介绍Sick of it All的黑膠唱片啦!哈哈哈。。。:-)

This album is easily my favorite album…I just feel like all the songs are super solid right from when you press play on this thing…it opens with a song all about true, honest and sincere friendship! How can you go wrong with that? “Good Lookin’ Out” – easily one of the best hardcore songs EVER written…这个唱片就是我Sick of it All最爱的唱片。。。他们每一首歌都是经典的。。。这个唱片的第一首歌就是叫”Good Lookin’ Out” – 首歌就是说真朋友永远会撑你。。。我觉得这首歌完全是一首经典的hardcore歌!!!

Nothing special about the color of this vinyl…but it’s a classic Sick of it All album and a classic color for vinyl – BLACK! hahahahaha…下面见到这张黑膠唱片的颜色没什么特别。。。但是这是一张很经典的sick of it all唱片,所以他们用一个经典的颜色都行啦!哈哈哈。。。

And then again…one of the best part about the SIZE of vinyl records…the lyrics are easier to read and you don’t need a fucking magnifying glass hahahaha…然后 – 黑膠唱片其中最好处就是本书的size够大!你不要特意出去用个放大镜看歌词!哈哈哈。。。

I don’t care how rude this sounds…if you DON’T have this album then do NOT call yourself a “hardcore kid”…not knowing this album and not falling in love with songs like “Good Lookin’ Out”, “Us vs. Them”, “Built to Last”, “One Step Ahead”…means you don’t know FUCK ALL about hardcore. 最后 – 我想说。。。(如果我这样说没有礼貌 – i don’t give a fuck)…如果你没有这个sick of it all唱片那请你别叫你自己是个”硬核孩子”…如果你还没爱上了sick of it all的歌比如说: “Good Lookin’ Out”, “Us vs. Them”, “Built to Last”, “One Step Ahead”…那你还完全不明硬核这个文化。

Go get an education…learn and respect history! Always! For those who don’t respect history or don’t care about learning about the past – you’re an ignorant fuck and you’re exactly what is wrong with the world today. 好好的去研究这个文化的历史。。。去尊重你之前来得人 (永远都要支持和尊重你之前来得人!)。如果你是一位不里历史,或者不觉得尊重历史有什么用那你就是那些最无知最白痴的人。



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sick of it all interview

This is a great short interview done with Sick of it All’s Lou Koller and Craig Ahead…这个是一个特别有趣的采访。。。是跟Sick of it All的主唱和bass手做得。。。他们有说他们怎么样进入硬核的世界。。。

Check out this…Sick of it All’s official ASG Guitars is out!!! CAN’T WAIT TO GET THIS!!! 他妈的!这个太他们的牛逼!!!就是一个美国牌子叫ASG (Artist Series Guitars)终于发出的吉他!我很期待买一把!你看这个牌子怎么样介绍我们的硬核英雄 Check out how ASG introduces our hardcore heroes! http://www.artistseriesguitar.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=16&option=com_virtuemart&vmcchk=1&Itemid=53


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