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Joe’s big day was a great time! We were all laughing our assess off and having a good time…the venue was DOPE! Within the mountains of Tai Po right by a lake…beautiful…在joe的婚禮大家都玩的很開心。。。他找到的地點真好看!是在Tai Po的山上然後在個小河旁邊。。。真好看!

Photos are all up on facebook – I don’t think I took many because I was so busy laughing and eating…hahahahaha…如果要看照片你們要上facebook看看 哈哈哈哈。。。我後來沒有拍那麼多照片因為我太忙笑。。。還有很忙吃東西!哈哈哈。。。

We set up a Start From Scratch facebook page finally – now for all our supporters in China unfortunately, you guys are going to have to figure out how to break the damn firewall bullshit to check out that FB page. 我們由零開始 – 開了個新facebook頁!希望大家能上(或者找辦法上)然後 “like” 我們這個新開的網頁!

Here it is anyway: http://www.facebook.com/startfromscratchrecords Get on it and LIKE that shit! Help us spread the word too!

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By the way the Sick of it All CD called XXV that is coming out soon (the one where they re-record a bunch of classic Sick of it All songs)have released the first song from it…it’s the amazing re-recorded version of the song BUILT TO LAST! LOVE this song:


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Tobacco tax increase APPROVED!!!

It’s been approved! Yesterday in LEGCO the tax increase for tobacco was approved! That is GREAT news and makes sure that we prove to the world that Hong Kong indeed is a developed city that cares for our health and well-being.昨天在我们的立法院加烟税终于通过!这个消息太好了!现在我们可以跟全地球说我们这个城市很支持一个比较高的生活水平!我们这里很关心健康和一个比较好的生活。。。

AWESOME!!! 太棒了!

The rain outside today is out of control…crazy rain. It’s so weird that we have rainstorms like this and there’s no typhoon warning. But during typhoons it barely rains sometimes. Weird how Mother Nature works…今天下雨疯了!最奇怪是大风的时候通常没有那么大雨,但是今天的雨那么大但是不是大风。。。大自然很有趣!

Yesterday Alison and I fumigated our new place in Sai Kung. Today I’m going to go up to see what kind of hell our place is in hahahahaha…It shouldn’t be too bad, because there wasn’t anything crawling around to begin with. But you never know…then later today Pricerite will be bringing our bed up to the place…We don’t move into our new place until the end of this month at least…so still another couple of weeks to get everything ready.昨天我和Alison fumigate了我们的新家 (fumigate不知道怎么说)…就是想杀所有的昆虫。。。今天要上去不知道一开门有什么情况!哈哈哈哈。。。我们应该这个月底终于可以搬进去正式开始西贡住!YES!!!

So we have confirmed that we are organizing No Turning Back’s Hong Kong show Dec 4th! We’re VERY excited to finally organize a show this year…SFS hasn’t organized ANY shows this year so far! No Turning Back is a great band and my favorite part is that they are NOT from the US! Hahahahaha…they’re a hardcore band from the Netherlands and have been traveling the world promoting the fact that hardcore does NOT only exist in the US – but exists all over the world. They introduced us on their facebook page yesterday. 我们昨天也开始了通告了大家:

我们今年十二月四号终于将会安排个演出!帮那个乐队呢?NO TURNING BACK!!! 他们终于回来了再亚洲巡演!他们是一个特棒的乐队 – 我最喜欢的是,他们不是一队从美国来得硬核乐队!他们是从荷兰来得!他们常喜欢去任何地方巡演。。。让大家知道硬核不是只是一个美国的东西。。。这个文化就是属于全地球的!他们昨天在他们的facebook有介绍我们所以我们也很感谢他们。

They’ve also started talking about bringing us to Europe in 2012! WHAT?! That’ll be fucking AWESOME! Very few bands that we organize shows for here in Hong Kong, return that favor for us! That’ll be great if No Turning Back will take care of us like that, especially when we took care of them here. That’s what hardcore should be about – looking out for each other! 他们昨天也开始说 – 明年可能有机会带我们去欧洲巡演!终于了!我们已经安排了那么多乐队在香港的演出 – 很少乐队会再帮我们在他们那边演出或者巡演。。。如果他们有诚意的话,那我们荔枝王明年将会在欧洲巡演!FUCK YEAH!!!

想认识这个乐队?请上这个网站: http://www.myspace.com/noturningbackhardcore


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