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This is Hardcore Fest

This is a GREAT website about an amazing hardcore festival that has been an annual event since 2006…here’s an awesome interview they did recently with Toby Morse of H2O…enjoy! 这里有个特棒的网站关于每年的音乐节叫”This is Hardcore Fest 这是硬核节”…下面就是他们刚跟h2o的主唱做个采访的网站地址。。。


We took some photos yesterday of us promoting our friend’s clothing line Hardplayer! Badass line…the owner of Hardplayer flew down from Beijing to watch us in Shenzhen! AWESOME! 昨天我,egas和brian拍了一些照片我们的兄弟的牌子叫Hardplayer (牌子的老板从北京特意飞下来了深圳看我们的演出!太棒!)

Hopefully those photos will go up soon…until then check out Hardplayer at this link…希望你们尽快能见到那些照片!下面就是Hardplayer的网站:



Here’s the advertisement!

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Smoking statistics…

The statistic above says it all…Hong Kong has the lowest numbers of smokers in the region which is great! 12% of our population smokes. But after these tax hikes, it’s even lower!! AWESOME! 上面的统计太明显了!香港已经是在这个地区的最少吸烟者 (我们一共有12%)! 然后加税之后我们的吸烟者更少了!太好!

Sorry…for those people think that I might be too adamant about this – but I am. I work with children everyday so I see the future of the world in front of my eyes everyday at school, and I think it is unfair that these children have to grow up in a world with horrible air caused not by nature, but because of us adults. I can’t sit back and not do anything…对不起 – 肯定有些人不喜欢我常撑政府戒烟的活动但是你要记住我每天是对着小朋友教书。我每天就是见我们地球的将来 – 就是这些小朋友。我觉得是特不公平如果他们需要在一个特污染空气长大。特不公平 – 这个空气不是自然开始坏了。。。是因为我们人类才变的这样。我不能坐一边不理 – 什么都不做。所以我常会上我们这里写我想写的东西。。。

Awesome news! 继续这个活动!

Here is an article about Extreme Metal in Hong Kong 这里有个关于香港极端金属世界的文章 http://www.timeout.com.hk/music/features/42884/extreme-metal-music-festival.html

Here is a list of this year’s This is Hardcore Festival!!! 这里有今年”This is Hardcore音乐节” 的乐队的单!太棒啊!Man…http://lambgoat.com/news/view.aspx?id=16304


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