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This is hardcore…

Those who love hardcore know that an amazing hardcore band called H2O is in the midst of recording an all “covers” album called “Don’t Forget Your Roots”! I cannot WAIT for them to release this thing! If you read on this link the singer Toby Morse (also with the amazing organization called One Life, One Chance that talks about straight edge and PMA at schools all over the USA) says that they are doing this because these are the bands that inspired H2O to start a band. He also says what I think is the most important thing 真正爱上硬核文化的人都知道有个乐队叫H2O将会发出一个很特别的新专辑叫”Don’t forget your roots 别忘记你的根 (哈哈哈。。。应该不是“根” – 意思就是别忘记你的历史)”. 这张超特别的专辑就是H2O玩儿别人的歌。主唱Toby Morse说了他们决定了发出这张因为这班乐队就是激发H2O开始他们自己的乐队。。。他下面还有一个特棒的原因:

“With so many new kids getting into hardcore everyday, it’s important that we keep exposing them to the ROOTS of this music and getting them into some of the originators of hardcore/punk. 每一天有很多新人参加这个文化,所以我们觉得是很重要给他们机会认识这个硬核/朋克文化的原创人。”

I think that is a VITAL point for anyone that is getting into hardcore to understand…hardcore would be NOTHING without all the bands in the 80’s who created this from nothing. They are the ones that saw something that they didn’t like within the punk rock world, and left it and started playing music within a scene that was more productive and more positive – and hardcore was born. This thing that we all love here in 2011! :-) 这是一个特紧要的重点!今天的硬核不会存在如果80年代的乐队不努力建立这个文化,努力建立这个态度。。。就是他们在朋克的世界里觉得有些信念他们不同意,所以他们跳出去开始了另外一种文化,音乐风格,态度。。。这就是硬核的开头。这个文化三十年后还在!因为这个地球上还有特多很热情硬核的信徒。。。

Check out the bands that H2O will be covering on this incredible CD 你看他们将会cover那几个乐队:

The Ramones
Dag Nasty
Circle Jerks
Bad Brains
The Clash
Government Issue
Verbal Assault
Gorilla Biscuits
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
7 Seconds
Social Distortion
Sick of It All

Can’t wait to hear H2O’s versions of these songs!!! Some of those bands are not hardcore – there are punk rock bands (Rancid, The Ramones, Social Distortion), post-hardcore bands (Embrace, Dag Nasty) and even ska-punk bands (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones)! This is going to be AWESOME…太期待听他们的版本!肯定非常不同!有些乐队不只是硬核的!有写是朋克 (Rancid, The Ramones, Social Distortion), 后硬核 (Embrace, Dag Nasty) 还有ska-punk(The Mighty Mighty Bosstones)!

I think that is always important…it’s always important to appreciate the history of a culture you love. To appreciate and respect a culture that you love – a culture that has had decades of history. A culture that people argue and fight to protect…我完全觉得如果你真了解任何文化,你首先需要明白那种文化的历史。。。这样你才可以欣赏以前的乐队,以前的人怎么为了这个东西努力到底。。。你才会明白为什么现在有特多人想保护这个文化 – 不想他人误会这个文化。。。

This is hardcore…if you want to understand it, you have to do the work. What do I mean? You have to go and research, you have to go and check out bands, you have to go and read interviews, you have to go and talk to people…there’s NO other way to understand this culture. You have to be an active person to fully understand this culture. 这就是硬核。如果你真想了解,那你一定要做好多功夫。明白我的意思吗?你要自己去研究,看看乐队的音乐、歌词、信念。。。看他们的采访。。。然后要跟特多人聊天儿。。。如果你不出一点努力,你永远不会明白这个文化。这个文化完全适合好主动性格的人。

If you’re a lazy-natured person…then I truly feel it’ll be hard for you to ever understand this music. To the lazy listener, these are probably the comments you make about hardcore “it sounds like punk rock”, “the music is not even heavy”, “the riffs are so simple”, “the singer is just shouting”…etc., etc. 如果你是比较懒的性格 – 那你看这个文化的看法一样是很懒。懒得人会这样讨论这个音乐:

1.  “这个音乐太像朋克!”

2. “这钟音乐不够重!”

3. “他们的吉他riff都是很简单!”

4. “主唱的声音很难听。。。”


Hardcore is so MUCH MORE then any of those things…and like I said, to understand it, you have to get off your ass and do some groundwork to understand it. 硬核就是比较深的文化。。。真想了解,你要努力学习。。。

I love hardcore with all my heart. 我爱死这个文化。


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One Life, One Chance Website

It’s so awesome that Joe has been talking about H2O lately…one of my favorite hardcore bands. I remember the first time I saw these guys when I was living in the US going to university. I actually can’t remember who they were touring with…but their singer Toby Morse was so energetic and such a great frontman. He was fucking funny on stage and had all these funny dances…I don’t know if he still does that. I always watch LIVE videos of hardcore bands on youtube, and his on stage “moves” seem different now! hahaha…maybe it’s old age, maybe it’s because he’s a dad now…最近Joe有提我其中最愛的硬核樂隊叫H2o。我還記得我第一次看他們演出我還在美國讀大學。。。應該是96年 – 我忘了他們是支持那個樂隊。反正,他們主唱Toby Morse台風是非常吸引,他的表情他的跳舞方式,他上台說的笑話,全部是特牛逼。。。讓你希望這個樂隊永遠不會下台哈哈哈哈。。。現在他好像沒有以前那個台風(我常喜歡上youtube看我最喜歡硬核樂隊的LIVE片。。。)可能是現在比較老,可能是他當爸爸,等等。。。

Either way…the album that they released recently called Nothing to Prove is an OUTSTANDING piece of hardcore…the song What Happened? itself has lyrics that encompass everything that people involved in hardcore have been feeling these past few years…反正,他們最近的唱片Nothing to Prove就是一張特代表硬核的唱片。。。只要聽他們的歌What Happened?你感覺到硬核樂隊最近想的什麼。。。

ANYWAY – I’d like to introduce to you guys something that Toby Morse has been doing this past couple years called One Life, One Chance. Toby has been straight edge is whole life…recently he started doing talks and workshops at schools around America to show kids that being in a rockband doesn’t mean you have to be smoking, drinking and doing drugs! He goes to schools and talked about PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and being straight edge…這個主唱還有一個特有意義的活動叫One Life One Chance…Toby就是一位straight edge的人。這兩年他開始去很多美國的中學跟那邊的學生開個大會。。。就是跟他們說他的故事 – 一位主唱但是不吸煙,不喝酒,不吸毒,但是還是跟一個很成功的樂隊巡演等等。他有告訴他們一個東西叫PMA – 正面心態。。。

It’s amazing…是非常牛逼。。。我全心支持這位人。。。

Here’s the link to find out more and you can check out videos 你們也可以上到他那個網站: www.onelifeonechance.com

Below is a photo of a skateboard he released with REAL skateboards…I NEED one!!! 下面他們其中一個產品。。。

Updated about 200 BLOG posts yesterday…still have maybe 3,000 more to go…我昨天上栽了超過兩百的舊BLOG。。。我還有應該差不多三千多要上載。。。哈哈哈哈。。。


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