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Dear friends 各位兄弟姐妹,

When will the days of having one MAJOR company be in charge of decent TV be over? What choices do we have in Hong Kong for Broadband TV? Just one – NOW…and NOW is owned by that HORRIBLE SHITTY DISGRACE of a Hong Kong company called PCCW. I still remember when PCCW used to be called Hong Kong Telecom – and what I remember of that was, that was a company that had quite a lot of respect and were incredibly efficient. 我们什么时候可以有多个一个BROADBAND电视公司? 我们在还有哪一个家公司有broadband电视的服务?只有一个PCCW的叫NOW Broadband. PCCW就是香港的其中一个最大的耻辱。。。另外一个公司就是那个傻逼航空公司叫”港龙”傻fucking逼. PCCW以前叫Hong Kong Telecom – 我还记得很少人有投诉这个公司。。。当时他们好有工作态度,很有高效的态度。。。

Yesterday, those PCCW bastards were supposed to come to my house to install NOW TV and our internet…I waited for 5 hours and no one came. 5 HOURS!!! Chi lun sin ah…昨天我等了那个傻逼公司五个小时来我家装Broadband电脑…但是他们不来。五个小时!他妈的。。。

I called and they said “we will call you back in 10 mins”. No phone call. 我有打个电话给他们 – 他们说十分钟后再打个电话给我。他们没有打个电话给我。

Awesome. 他们真棒。FUCK.

Anyway…FUCK PCCW…stupid ass company. But there is no other company in Hong Kong that has as many channels as NOW TV so you have no choice but to deal with this company’s inefficiency and horrible customer service. Because they have no competition – they can do anything they want. 反正,我学到PCCW还是一个很白痴的公司。但是他们在香港没有另外一个公司有跟他们竞争所以他们想做什么他们可以做。他们没有竞争所以他们可以继续很傻逼公司的态度。。。

Interesting – you can compare this to any country who only has one PARTY that’s in power. When you have no competition, you can do whatever you want. Human rights abuses, corruption, propaganda, lying to it’s people…same thing as PCCW in Hong Kong. 我觉得这全事情这有趣。我觉得这件事很像那些国家只有一个政治党。只有一个政治党也是没有人挑战你所以你想干嘛就做。所以那些只有一个政治党的国家可以继续不理人权,腐败,偏他们的市民,等等。。。像香港的PCCW公司一样。


New S.O.S. EP is out and available for download already…remember S.O.S. is the band that features members of Terror and Trapped Under Ice but also ex-members of Hatebreed, Agnostic Front and Madball…all of this EQUALS AMAZING hardcore. 反正。。。S.O.S.乐队的新EP已经发出了。。。请过下面的地址下载。。。记住这个乐队包括这些乐队的成员: Terror and Trapped Under Ice 还有以前Hatebreed, Agnostic Front and Madball的成员。

You can download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?858ml9pn2cy1zu2

Other good stuff up now…that amazing band Touche Amore has their WHOLE CD release show video up on youtube!!! A good friend Bernard posted it on my facebook yesterday…SOOOOO good…straight up in your face. No rockstar bullshit…the band is playing on the FLOOR…at a CD release show!?!? Amazing…还有 – 在我facebook我们的好朋友bernard发了Touche Amore的全出CD派对演出的影片!太牛逼啊!我没看过一个乐队就是地下玩儿他们的发出CD的演出!太牛逼!他们也是一个CD店里面演出。。。太棒。




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Touche Amore…amazing new album

So good…太好了!!!

Our pal Michael Yu posted a mediafire download link for the new highly-anticipated Touche Amore album called “Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me” and I raced home yesterday to download it. It’s been on my ipod for a few hours and I’ve been listening to it over and over…Can’t wait to listen to this over and over the next few days!!! 我们的朋友Michael Yu昨天发给我了一个特棒posst-hardcore的乐队叫Touche Amore新专辑下载的地址!!!我一下班马上回家下载了。。。放了在我ipod准备这几天就听他们的专辑!!!已经听了几次 – 已经爱上了这张!

  Touche Amore “Tilde” by deathwishinc

If you’re a fan of post-hardcore then you HAVE to check out this new album and check out everything this band has done…they’re UNBELIEVABLE and this new album is SO good! 如果你喜欢post-硬核的风格那你别错过!这张真牛fucking逼。。。

Yes, I download online, but if the album is good – I ALWAYS order the CD online…and this is a CD WORTH supporting 100,000%!!! 对 – 我习惯也是找网站下载新专辑,但是我另外一个习惯都是,如果那张是好听的话,我马上会再找个网站买他们的CD. 这样的行动才可以支持那个乐队 – 买CD和t-shirt. 我不明白那些人说 ”我好喜欢那个乐队。。。但是我不觉得我要买他们的东西给他们看我怎么样支持他们” 那我想问一下 - 你究竟怎么样支持他们?很多乐队都是全职玩儿乐队,你觉得一个地下乐队有保健福利吗?他们巡演的时候突然生病 – 他们可以找 “公司”帮忙吗?没有。他们要靠自己。你再想一想他们的生活。当然如果我们有机会全职玩儿乐队 – 我也很想试一试。但是不可能。。。所以我还良心一点儿想到全职硬核/朋克乐队应该怎么样过生活。。。所以我一定选择会付出一下东西为了他们。
Great band…反正。。。这个乐队太棒!

Here’s an amazing LIVE video of them…你享受一下他们的现场!!

Awesome shit…

Great band…go order it online!!! Download it here for 这里可以下载: http://www.mediafire.com/?6495ck56ms5akvd Order it here这里可以上网订他们的作品: http://deathwishinc.com/estore/category/TOUCHEAMORE.html


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